Diskotek: Second Iteration

second iteration of diskotek development will be bigger than the first.
I am currently working on a scripting language called beeScript.
Thought behind beeScript is to have an automation language for the debugger like some modern debuggers have.

Currently it looks something like this(as development goes on it may change):

def doThat()
def doThis()
place = 0x80000000
memory.place = 'nop'
variable = memory.place
if variable == 3
while variable

I plan to add something like this:


Also plan to integrate Ace editor in main page.
BeeScript implementation is in CoffeeScript it has compiler in CoffeeScript that produces something
that might be called “code”, it’s a stack of functions.
That generated content is then turned over to simple stack machine runner that runs those functions one by one.

Besides scripting togetherJS is half integrated on page it needs more work.
x86 support is added.
It has support for editing of raw bytes when user selects rows and then presses shift+enter. ctrl+enter will open instruction editing that does not work now.
It opens up editbox where one can enter new bytes. If they do not fit it is error.
That is all located in development branch.

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