diskotek: ui for gdb and binary utilities in JavaScript

If you ever tried debugging a binary in linux for example arm binary in elf format for your homework study etc. you might have ended up struggling with command line gdb interface. You remember all kind of goodness IDA pro has and yet you are stepping trough instructions with ni, typing info register commands and then something breaks šŸ˜€

Gdb is a great tool and it’s everywhere. This project is a try to make an UI for gdb that makes debugging with it a nicer, shinier experience.

this ui uses not just gdb but objdump and readelf utilities. Here is a overview of basic project features in this first alpha version :

there are two views:
debug view
debug shows basic disassembly of current surrounding of instruction executed + registry view. And it has command windows that allow execution of gdb commands. Widgets can be resized and moved.
there are basic run/step trough/step into controls. Breakpoints can be set by clicking on a address.


disassembly view
disassembly view shows a file starting with graphical representation of it’s headers.Field size corresponds to width of a block drawed. There are 16 byte, DWORD , WORD fields.

Other file parts like sections follow headers.


They are layed out just like they are in file on disk and can be shown in different views like disassembly view, hex dump and graphical representation that shows basic blocks of a section.


github page

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