Web development resources

a way of keeping yourself up to date:

good magazine about web dev. Lots of links on what is going on, what people are using.

gives news on various topics like news/posts/methodology/tools
they have feed so one can subscribe to it.

they have a newsletter where one can subscribe

well known web resource.

has quality authors working on releasing tutorials. Also tutsplus.com has more subdomains

web related

js news. Keeps you up to date on what’s up in js world

bunch of links. It has a lot of experts on twitter, they have blogs worth looking etc. I looked at that list long ago when it was just started and then there were people not on that list that are worth following and a way to get to them may be in looking publication authors in newsletters/tutorials, authors of libraries etc. or looking who is followed by the people on the list 😀 😀 and so on

often has web dev related conferences with videos.

then there are newsletters:
web design weekly
html5 weekly
The Modern Web Observer
JavaScript weekly
Kale Davis @hackernewsletter.com

Nice way to manage all this is to find a replacement for the google reader and subscribe to all the links so that it will all be lumped in one place.

The stuff that can not be managed this way can be read trough email or twitter/deck. Some of the content sources that can be found trough these links can be found on various social media for example google+ and youtube. Once you subscribe/follow a few of them there will be suggestions :-D.

also a not soon to expire resource : http://jsbooks.revolunet.com/#

and if the software you find for lumping content sources you chose to read does not have options to bookmark you might use something like evernote
here are two google reader replacements :
or the one I found latter : http://goodnoows.com/

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